Support Broker Services

Support Broker Services

The self-directed option of the Community Pathways Waiver from the Developmental Disabilities Administration allows recipients the opportunity to self-direct services and supports in their own home or family home by managing their own staffing and budget. Individuals are supported by a service/resource coordinator, a support broker and a fiscal manager.

Supports Brokers act as person’s “Human Resource Department” and services provided may include:
-Assist in recruiting, hiring and terminating of staff
-Assist in managing the budget, supports, and services
-Supervise staff
-Review Time sheets
-Work with the DDA and Fiscal Management Service (FMS) on budget and employment issues
-Work with the Coordinator of Community Support in developing the Individual Plan

-Assure FMS receives required paperwork in order to pay the bills
Accessible Resources for Independence, Inc is now offering Support Brokerage Services through the Developmental Disabilities Administration to those in Howard and Anne Arundel Counties. Contact us to learn more today!

For more information, contact Joan Rumenap at 443-713-3917 or

            Veteran’s Directed Services

The VD-HCBS program provides Veterans the opportunity to self-direct their long-term supports and services and continue to live independently at home. Eligible Veterans manage their own flexible budgets, decide for themselves what mix of goods and services best meet their needs, and to hire and supervise their own workers. Through an Options Counselor, the Aging & Disability Network provides facilitated assessment and care/service planning, arranges fiscal management services, and provides ongoing options counseling and support to Veterans, their families and caregivers.

For more information, contact Samantha Lester at 443-713-3911 or